You are currently viewing 61 questions to ask before buying an apartment from your seller/builder.

61 questions to ask before buying an apartment from your seller/builder.

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Apartment buying may be a tricky task if you are a new buyer,  in this article, I will be sharing 63 most questions you should be asking your builder before buying an apartment.

Probably you might be missing some of this, before making your buying decision. 

There are certain cases who wouldn’t mind asking these questions and getting clarity but in the end, they are the ones who suffer a lot.

Why am I saying this?  I have seen a couple of cases who were trapped in these situations and ended up losing money and not satisfied with what they have bought. 

It might be difficult for you to resell also without getting certain clarity on what you are purchasing. 

In this article, I will give you 63 questions or even more and update you regularly. If your builder is ready to answer all these questions without any hiccups you are absolutely good to buy. 

I will be giving you questions as well as explaining why you should be asking.

These are the real questions I have faced myself in real life while selling apartments.

So, let’s start with the questions. 


  1. About their company/ builder

It’s always better to know about their company details, how many projects they have till now and what their expertise is. It’s basically to know about the company background to know better and how good are trethey what they are doing now or selling you.

Their experience and expertise also play a major role in deciding your buying decision.

2. What is the total area of the project 

It’s always better to know about the total area of the project like how many acres or in sq mts so that you can always analyze how much open space available when buying an apartment open spaces play a major role.

3. What is the launch date of the project?

It helps you analyze and decide how long this project is going on and to know better at what phase the project is aiming towards completion.

This helps you get a clearer picture of how good the developer is in the completion rate of his project.

4. What is the date of possession? 

This is a major question that you should be asking the developer about when they will give you possession. I.e when are they going to hand you the keys?

This not only asking about the possession it helps you in arranging needed cash and bank loan facilities. It absolutely helps you in creating a financial plan for your buying..

5. Approvals they have got?

When it comes to apartments there are certain approvals that developers have to ensure before starting a project like for example RERA Real estate regulatory act approvals.

If it’s any Urban development authority 

Waterboard authority 

Electricity board authority 

Sewage and water treatment planning authority.

There are many like this. It’s always better to know about the approvals if it’s all in good places you are good to go. 

6. what is the RERA Number?

From may 2017 a new rule has been applied to all the developer and builders for protecting the rights of the consumer and to handle complaints, before starting any residential project they have to take approval if everything is right from the builder or developer after submitting necessary documents to the authority they will be given a certain number.

Ask for the number if you want to check whether those numbers are genuine you can always go to the rera website and put those numbers on the website. 

If it is associated with their project a certificate will be shown to you in their name stating their project is registered under RERA. and you can download it for further references.

7.  what is the structure of the building?

For  example, some might be having RCC Framed structuring. You can ask them to know what kind of structures they are using for building, this helps you analyze the quality of the work.

8. Who is the architect of the building?

Asking them who has done the architect of the project may help you analyze how good may be in aesthetics, well-experienced architect design better and you can check tier experience and credibility.

9. Technology used for building the apartments?

Usually, there will be conventional methods for apartments if they have anything new you can ask them if there any new technologies used for construction.

10. What are the modes of payment?

Ask them to provide what are the different modes of payment available, they may ask you to provide cheque in a certain name or through online modes of payment.

Ask for the account number

Name of the bank

Branch address 

Account holder name 

Code for money transfer within India

Code used for money transfer from abroad 

           For your reference note down 

            Apartment number

            Date of transfer

            Amount you transferred 

            Transfer ref number

11. what are the payment schedules?

Every different builder has different modes of payment schedule; some may ask for monthly payments, some may ask for finishing every construction level step by step.

For example

On agreement 

On pillar construction

On slab construction levels 

On flooring and painting 

On possession 

12. Asking for any modifications available.

Most of them would not agree to do it may some might depending upon the feasibility ask them only if you are particular about certain things. 

13.How many approaches/connectivity to this property?

Ask them how many approaches are available to this property from different places, and it helps you analyze your daily commute.

14. Is there any mockup unit available?

Mock-up units are exact replicas of how your apartment or flat may look like this helps you visualize how good your apartment may look and check the quality they will provide for you. 

15. If there are provisions for commercial development what are they?

There may be a chance some of the builders will allow for commercial purposes like banks, superstores. It helps you choose a better unit without having any disturbance and it may bring up high value if you want to resell.

16. What are the measures taken to protect from overheat for top floor units?

The top floor might have too much excessive heat due to apartment heights most of them would provide waterproofing methods that act as reducing heat. 

17. Are you providing any mosquito mesh?

Asking them if they provide any mosquito mesh, some of them may provide, or at least they might have provided for mesh.

These small questions may end up saving you lots of money.

18. Would you get any provisions for choosing the tiles of the flat?

Some might not agree with the color and design of the tiles, many would ask for their own choice of taste you can ask as per your preferences.

19. How many layers of the paint used and their quality?

It is always good asking about the quality of the paint that they use, how many layers of paint and puti. And which brands of paint they are using.

20. what are the amenities provided?

Asking them the list of available amenities and the open spaces available in the provisions.

21. List of proximities from the apartment.

Know the proximities from the location mainly schools colleges hospitals malls and other daily need services.

22. what is the size of the swimming pools?

It’s better to take note of how big the swimming pool is. check out if there are any provisions for a kid’s pool.

23. what is the Size of the clubhouse? 

Sizes of the clubhouse and lounge areas 

24. How much open space left in the project?

Knowing how much open space available helps to evaluate openness and proper ventilation for your flat.

25. what is the Height of the compound walls?

For security purposes and to avoid any available distractions from outsiders.

26. What is the width of the approach road?

Know the width of the approach road connecting to your apartment

27. What is the distance to the main road?

Know the distance if there are any main roads connecting to your apartment or any nearby to plan your commute.

28. What is the source of water?

Know The source of the water is its borewell or Corporation water supply.

29. How many bore wells? if they have any.

If there are any borewells, know how many there are; they are sufficient in providing water for the whole building.

30. What is the water storage capacity?

Know the water storage capacity of the tanks and sumps available in the building

31. How they distribute water? 

Asking for water distribution facilities what kind of high-powered motors they use.

32. Where is the sewage treatment plant?

Locate the sewage treatment plant

33. Is there any Nala or rajakaluve nearby? 

Asking for any nala or raja kaluve passing nearby, not now may be in the near future due to heavy rains it might be a problem.

34. If there are any Nala or raja kaluve what is the setback?

Ask them if there are any nala raja kulve passing by, what is the set back they should be leaving and check if everything is right.

35. What are the arrangements for gas connections?

To know where the gas connection is available through pipes or any special arrangements.

36. How many towers in the location?

How many towers are there in the provision?

37. Any plan for future towers?

Ask them for any future towers coming if they have space that might also bring changes in ventilation and view from your flat

38. If there are more than 2 towers what is the distance between them?

If there are towers make sure to check the distance between them

39. What are the dimensions of units you have?

Asking for different dimensions available and type of units available

40. What is the total number of units?

Know the total number of the units in the provision

41. How many apartments per floor?

Know how many flats are there on a floor 

42. Does the apartment share a common wall? 

To know whether there are common walls present in between you and neighbors 

43. What is the size of the main door and other doors?

Know the sizes of the main door and other doors like the bathroom and other rooms.

44. What is the height of floor to ceiling?

To know the height of the floor to ceiling  

45. What are the price ranges?

Asking for the different price ranges of units and knowing their differences if available can help you plan better.

46. What are the garbage clearance arrangements? 

Know what are the garbage disposal arrangements available at the apartments

47. Will there be a garbage chute on every floor or collection points on each floor?

Know how will you have to dispose the garbage are there any particular disposable duck or collection points available 

48. What is the thickness of wall? 

Know the thickness of the main wall and other partition walls in your flat.

49. How many lifts provided?

Know how many lifts provided a check to know service lift available 

50. Bathroom fittings quality and brands.

Check out for the brand of the fittings to know the quality 

51. Switchboard and wiring used?

Know the brand of the switch and wiring used 

52. What are the fire safety methods used? Provision for the fire exit.

In case of any emergency where is the provision to exit 

53. What is the size of the common area and lobby and corridor? 

Know the sizes of the common area and the lobby 

54. What is the size of car parking?

Every car parking would be of default sizes make sure to check the car parking sizes 

55. Accessibility to the terrace 

Know whether the terrace is accessible to everyone or not 

56. What are clubhouse charges?

Make sure you ask for the clubhouse charges 

57. What are the provisions for power backup? 

In case of a power cut, what are the provisions of the power backup, and where they exist?

58. What are the maintenance charges? 

What are the maintenance charges of the apartment and who will form the society? 

59. Is there any rental assistance?

If you are looking for an investment purpose or no plan to move immediately ask for any rental assistance from their side.

60. Why invest in a particular area?

Of course, you have done your prior search before choosing a particular area, asking them, and collecting another response to know if the decision is right or you need to change.

61. Why should I invest in your particular property?

Ask them about the unique selling proposition, that makes them different from others. 

There are certain questions that seem to be general but asking would definitely help you analyze the quality of the construction, how well planned they are in their structure, and finally how well they can provide you with a good quality of living without any worries.

Do let me know what you think in the comment section, if you have any questions that you feel need to be added to help others do let me know.



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