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Hello there.

Thank you for checking into my about page. My name is Prathap K.P. I have been in real estate sales for a couple of years, working for the major companies in the city, Experienced in selling Plots, Flats, Apartments Villas, and row houses.

I have been working also as a freelancer in the real estate space, Know better In and outs of this field.

This field is not as simple as you look from the outside, it’s getting more complicated day by day.

If you are someone who doesn’t know what you are buying or if you don’t educate yourself before pouring all your money into owning a lifetime dream, you will end up miserable.

I have seen hundreds of customers in my sales experience, I am very keenly working with the builder and developers and with the local real estate agents for a while now.

In all these years I have seen customers who want to make their own space for living, are not the most educated buyers, they usually don’t know how real estate works.

My intention in writing this blog is to make people more educated themselves before investing in real estate, and never have a chance of losing hefty money.

A lakh or two would make a worldly difference to the people who always dreamed of owning a great place for themselves.

I have seen people losing Lots of money and seeing their pain point, only because they are not educated themselves, and I have been helpless within certain circumstances to help them.

So the idea of blogging about real estate to make people educate themselves before buying their lifetime achievements and help them make wiser decisions and save money for themselves.

A simple question you forget to ask your seller would cost hell a lot of money in this field, buying a plot house and any living space for themselves is considered as more auspicious moments in Indian culture.

How can you end up losing money or get troubled by the people who like to sell just being pushy towards their product and not delivering the value that you deserve?

I have seen all these closely and want to help people educate them about real estate and help you make a happy purchase.

These blogs are written in common layman languages delivering lots of value to your buying decision process. Addressing the most common mistakes and uneducated things on the field.

Keep reading and suggest more people about the blog I write. Let’s make everyone an educated buyer.