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How to choose best wallpaper design for your home in 2021?

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Best wallpaper design for home 2021. 


Wallpaper! What does it mean to you? 

Choosing the best wallpaper design for home 2021 could be very easier. Have you often changed your mobile and desktop wallpapers? Why? 

You don’t want to see a blank and boring display of your system or mobile phones.

It adds a character to your phones and systems. 

It defines who you are and what your tastes are. You tend to change every often just for your mobiles which you will change that too.

But when it comes to a Real WALLPAPER how do you choose one? 

Every morning you want to look at a boring and blank wall at your home? 

woman looked boring

No! maybe an inspiring one- wallpaper that boosts your energy- a real wallpaper that speaks out your character, wallpaper that shouts out Hey! Look at me that makes your home come alive.

How do you choose the best wallpaper for your home in 2021? Let’s find it here. 

wall painting


Before choosing your wallpapers let’s try to understand what are the types of wallpaper that are available. 

1.Printed wallpapers:

These are commonly used wallpapers these are digitally printed and half the price compared to hand-printed. Digitally printed wallpapers use water-based colors that are not ideal to use in kitchens and bathrooms. 


2.Vinyl wallpapers:

This wallpaper is printed and coated with vinyl, these are the most used wallpapers due to their high durability and ease of maintenance, these wallpapers can be used in both kitchen and bathrooms that have the capacity to hold steam. 


3.Customised wallpaper:

This wallpaper can be customized according to your taste and preferences for example as you see in restaurants gym and so accordingly you can have a design which suits your wall at home. 


4.Textured wallpaper:

These are those wallpapers that are not only with the designs but you can feel the texture when you touch them which are made to feel like the original. 


5.Bamboo wallpaper:

Bamboos are made to go through some technical process when bamboos are crushed into pulp the bamboo creates a substance from which fibers come out, these fibers are made into yarns and create wallpapers for your wall. These are expensive and eco-friendly. 

So how much will it cost you? 

Home wallpaper design has a price point that starts from Rs 500-2000 which determines the quality and other aspects like.

  1. Paper quality 
  2. Printing quality
  3. Textures 
  4. 3d effects 

It completely depends on how you choose one to look good.

Why should you use wallpaper design for home? 

There are plenty of reasons to choose wallpaper over paint, here are some of the good reasons.


  • It creates great aesthetics for your home walls and makes quiet stand out from being boring.


  • You can use wallpapers to cover technical errors like uneven paintings and leakage.


  • You can highlight any particular wall like the corner one or for any showcase items which are not highlighting, you can use wallpapers to make them highlight.  


  • Same wallpapers designs can be done through the texture paintings. It will be costly and less design option you have.

Here are the Advantages of home wallpaper. 

  1. It creates great aesthetics 
  2. You can turn any boring looking wall into a brighter one 
  3. Home wallpapers are affordable 
  4. Home wallpaper designs are unlimited and you have N number of choices. 


How to select the best wallpaper design for your home in 2021

Before selecting the best wallpapers for the home you should understand 2 basic things, those are base shade and highlighter shades.

Base shades are those designs that are artificial in look and make very light shades. They usually appear bright when light falls on them.

Highlighter shades are those which are dark in designs and seem to be natural in designs like brick designs or any flower designs which are dark in color.  

There are designs where you can use both combinations to look great or even only one design that best suits your wall. 

If the whole room is darker you can make use of base shades that make them lighter to look good and vice versa for the lighter room walls. 

Mixtures of both wallpapers and paintings are the better options for your wall, you can use them in guest rooms, halls, or in your bedrooms. 

Customized wallpapers for your kid’s rooms are a better option than ignites them with more creativity and the story they associate with the customized wallpapers is priceless.  

Kids bedroom vinly

Your boring walls can turn out to be a game-changer, through wallpapers with lesser cost and easy installation.

New or old walls can make them look good by choosing the best wallpapers for your home in 2021. 

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