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How to leverage social media to Build personal brand in real estate.

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Social media content writing.

In today’s day and age, no one can ignore social media for their business, and Establishing personal Brands it’s the hot spot.

People love to hear personal experience and suggestions from the human than the Brand Name XCVV.

Brand XCVV Can’t sound like a human, people just don’t feel that connection with the brands anymore they love a human being sharing and adding value to their buying decision.

For example, Elon Musk has more followers or Tesla? Go and check out.

That’s the power of the personal brand, why don’t you want to build one for your targeted audience?

In this article, I will give you Golden Nuggets on how to build a Personal Brand on different social media, following clear formats making everyone read and share what you publish.

Writing content on social media platforms to influence people, social media platforms vary from one another demanding different formats of content to be published on their network.

Today it’s an internet generation, the whole world’s population is 7 billion among 2 billion have internet access, do any brands want to miss out on this opportunity? A big No

In India there are 687 million internet users are there, making the world’s 2nd largest internet usage check out full data here

This is a huge market for any brands for that matter, due to the pandemic whole world moving largely towards the internet, every transaction is happening through the internet, making growth more towards internet usage.

So what is the share of social media in internet usage? According to a recent survey shown by 250 million active internet users in India.

YouTube 82%

Whats App 70%

Facebook 76%

Instagram 64%

Twitter 49%

Read more about statics here

You can promote through almost every platform that is available just conveying has different formats like video, writing, photographic.

Let’s see how different each platform are, social media content writing called as micro-blogging


In twitter there are 255 million active users and 500 million tweets are made every day, no brand would ignore twitter

Twitter users in India are about 49% of the internet population, you can communicate a brand through twitter.

Twitter started as micro-blogging, as per to recent update on twitter characters it will now allow you write up to 280 characters, previously it allowed only 140 characters.

You can write engaging content within 280 characters according to your creativity level or you can use images, share viral videos, can use shorten URL and you should use hashtags that might go viral throughout twitter and may list in trending.

Small business seems to get most out from twitter read the recent article below if you want to be pro writing on twitter.

Want to know more about the usage of hashtags, time of postings, how you can engage more please visit this page where buffer and twitter came together to answer all the updates on the recent article.

A Scientific Guide to Writing Great Tweets: How to Get More Clicks, Retweets and Reach’’ click here for more details you can write on twitter.

Write more and more don’t worry about the followers create content that delivers value everything will fall in place gradually.


It’s a micro-blogging platform, Quora is one such platform where random people ask questions and you can answer if you are more familiar with that industry.

Various industry experts will try to give their best answers here. Or a person who has personally experienced it.

Quora loves personal experience answers than the robotic answers written on their platform. So various marketers try solving their problems by answering to find solutions.

Example: where should I buy a Plot/Residential site in this particular city?

Answer: a person who bought a plot from XYZ shares his experience of how he found out about builder/ developer, buying experience, knowledge of sales, after-sales service everything he has experienced.

It’s more like a review that has been shared with you. Or even the XYZ agency itself might answer your questions about their brand, sales, and services they provide the product they have.

How do you feel when someone is giving you their personal experience, will you be influenced by their reviews, so this how it works.

Check out one of my answers which I have shared my experience.

Various agencies will try to influence by offering their product or services by micro-blogging on this platform, you can also go and promote if you have solutions for asked questions.

This is how micro-blogging works in this platform, this also has certain limits you should answer maximum within 400–500 words, first, you should start with

1. Paragraph

2. Numerical points

3. Paragraph

4. Bullet points

5. Paragraph

This is how should be the format while writing a quora answer then only it helps to rank better, no need to worry about keyword and monetization.

Please go check out more by exploring on quora how the questions are being asked and how it has answered, you can also do it just write the first answer you will be more confident to write again and again.


Facebook tops second after YouTube by 76% of the internet population, Facebook is growing huge no advertiser can take chance to ignore if they have targeted audience out there.

Facebook is an outbound marketing where you go at people by pushing your products or services towards them.

Say if you are creating a Facebook page it asks for several suggestions like whether you are creating it for business. Public figure or for the blog.

You can go and create page accordingly and start blogging there for your targeted audience.


LinkedIn is a social network that helps to connect and grow your network and for career development, LinkedIn also started as micro-blogging.

Linkedin is a great way to connect to people even with the higher designations in any given organization.

You can connect through different professionals who are searching for job seekers, you will find 2 types of people here

  1. People who are searching for jobs
  2. People who are searching for candidates for their job profiles.

So how does LinkedIn help in blogging and what type of content is shared here?

You can share about your company profile, product, and service that you offer, video case studies are shared, photo with analytics, product launch, drive registration for events and sponsorship.

You can start to write articles by following the steps below in case if you are new to LinkedIn

1. log in to your LinkedIn account

2. You can see this box here

Click on write article

Where you can add photos, add headlines and you can start writing on your topic you can add images, links, and video, add slides, and snippet by clicking plus box above which appears to be like this.

By following steps you can go and publish your content on LinkedIn.

These are some examples of micro-blogging where you can go and publish your content on different social media platforms, learn different forms of writing on different media for your target audience and make most use by writing content on these media. Apply all the strategies to learn more about writing on social media make use according to your niche.

Again don’t worry about the likes and followers of the number, just concentrate on delivering value to your targeted audience, if the value addition is really happening in any of their buying decision soon you will see the numbers growing.

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