You are currently viewing Peripheral ring road in Mysore? Maybe it’s too early to have one.

Peripheral ring road in Mysore? Maybe it’s too early to have one.

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It took 10 years to complete the outer ring road of Mysore, the outer ring road has helped divert major traffic pushing away from the city limits of major industry vehicles.

The 42 kilometers long ring road helped in a fast and safe commute for people from one place to another all thanks to MUDA. Otherwise, Mysore would be competing with Bengaluru soon. 

Peripheral ring road mentioned as an upcoming future event in Mysore by Comprehensive development plan ( C D P ) Mysore master plan 2031. Considering the growth of the city in certain numbers. 

Authorities have estimated the growth of the Mysore population and planned to have a peripheral ring road in the future, PRR was planned to be 120 Kilometers long. 

Planned to connect the existing 42 km outer ring road and the other major roads within the city.

To consider in recent times around the ring road not many residential layouts have come up, major areas only have seen certain growth.

The outer ring road is still not yet reached the optimum level of vehicles throwing up trouble for the commuters. 6 lane outer ring road seems to be more than enough as of now.

Areas near the ring road are seeing a gradual growth not very fiercely, there is still a long way to go to achieve a dense population nearby ring roads. 

Closely watching all the development activities and Growth of the city, maybe it’s still not time for Peripheral ring road.

Even though authorities have not started the land survey activities, most of the officials and authority chairmen believe that considering the growth of the city in the next 20 – 30 years it’s highly necessary to have a Peripheral ring road. 

The peripheral ring road is said to be developed from a distance of 5 – 8 kilometers from the existing outer ring road. 

The peripheral ring road was estimated to reach the budget of more than or approximately Rs 1500 crores, MUDA still needs to acquire lands for the construction of the Peripheral ring road.

The outer ring road was said to be not needed and gained all the critics back then, but now it’s seen as the greater advantage and surrounding the ring roads gaining as the Investment hot spot for the many.

In the near future, Peripheral ring road is much needed, plans will not be aborted, will be continued and developed officials confirm.


If you are planning to buy residential land or if any other salespeople mention Peripheral ring road passing by their residential projects, to show that it fetches greater appreciation, consider these things in mind.

It will not be developed as soon as you think it will for sure in addition to that you have to wait for a long time.

Do let me know what you think of the Mysore Peripheral ring road. It’s needed now or in the near future for 20 -30 years. 

If you have invested in any residential project that is said to be a peripheral ring road passing by, mention it in the comment box below, it might help for further discussion and making decisions for our fellow readers. 

Article published by local newspaper Mysore Mithra, Article credit Mysore Mithra.



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