You are currently viewing 23 Questions to ask before buying a Plot/Site from your seller or Developer.

23 Questions to ask before buying a Plot/Site from your seller or Developer.

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The most preferred choice of property buying, so that you can have your preferred choice of building at your own taste and according.

Buying a plot is not as complicated as buying an apartment, these are the most technical free buying processes, and don’t involve many complexities.

In this article, I will be sharing the most important questions you need to ask or things that you should know mandatorily know before buying a plot.

  1. Company background 

In today’s day and time, it’s not hard to find builders and developers of plots in the city. Make sure you check the company’s background, experience, and credibility before you make your consideration on an investing project.

Here are some of the best signs you can analyze 

Professional behavior 

Clear terms and condition

Customer satisfaction 

Great content and product presentation

Proper guidance according to your affordability.


2. Location overview 

Investment or for the self-use location Plays a major role while investing in plots make sure you check all the proximities ranges from your property, get a list and analyze whether it’s the right one for you.

A geographical scenario of the location like the climatic conditions, available job opportunities, average home values, proximity to family, etc. directly affect the work-life of an individual.

The type of location, such as, urban, suburban, or rural will influence the education options, entertainment, and healthcare facilities, which will determine the lifestyle.

Heritage plays a crucial role in determining the value of the real estate as well. Places like Mysore attract a lot of tourists, making it a prime holiday destination. Moreover, the funding from the government makes it conducive for the launch of infrastructural projects like airport upgrades, international terminals, doubling of railway tracks, etc., which automatically upgrades the standard of living.

3. Site measurement in meters 

The most common misunderstanding that I have seen in recent days, people get confused about what is the right term to measure the plots.

Herewith an example, i will explain to you

When the sites are developed by private or MUDA developers, sites are released in terms of meters.

Usually what you call 30*40 dimension sites, will not be exactly 1200 sqft.

The site released will be in the format of meters and square meters 

For example what you call a 30*40 Dimension site that is 1200 square feet will not be exactly 1200 square feet.

It is mentioned as follows 12 meters * 9 meters 

Multiply 12*9 meters equals 108 square meters.

So the total area of your Site is 108 square meters.

Now let’s convert meters into square feet, so to convert meters into square feet Multiply it with 3.28 

To know each side of the site in square feet 12*3.28 equals 39.36 sqft

9*3.28 equals 29.52 

To calculate whole site dimension in square foot Multiply Square meter by 10.764

The total square meter is 108*10.764 equals 1162.512.

So when you convert it into square feet it is 1163 square feet, not 1200.

Whenever you buy a plot to know how much you are paying per square foot do the calculation as follows.

Here is an example of how the authority will release the plots,


If it is in odd Dimensions


For 9*15 Meter Plot usually called as 30*50 Plot


For 12*18 Meter Plot usually called as 40*60 Plot


For 12*09 Meter Plot usually called as 30*40 Plot

4. Waterline and sanitary line markings 

Mandatory check for the waterline markings and the sanitary markings if not marked please make sure you point out those markings with the help of a salesperson.


5. Water source and overhead tank location.

Check out for the overhead water tank location and its operational or not get to know what is the type of water connection, is it borewell or Municipal water connection.

And water holding capacity for the calculation of house per water ratio.


6. Drains and U G D connection

Check out the proper rain water drain connection and the underground drainage system whether they are made as per the specifications.

7. Width of the roads and quality 

What is the width of the road in front of your plot and any major roads passing by your plots or in their given plotted development area?

8. Sewage treatment plant location

Location of the sewage treatment plant and its operation.

9. Plan of the layout development 

Check out the layout plan completely where your site exists on the map.

10. Approvals 

Check the approvals they have got 



Water pollution and control board 

11. RERA Number 

The real estate regulatory authority issued numbers and checked with them on the RERA website.

12. Nearby locations and proximities

List of nearby proximities ranges to analyze work location, schools, and hospitals it helps you analyze future growth and development activities. 

13. Legal documents 

Set of legal documents to get legal opinion from your lawyer to know whether all the documents are in place.

14. Bank loan facilitators 

From which are the banks they have approval for the loan and the interest rates if you would like to proceed with the bank loan for your plot.

15. Approach road and connectivity 

What are the approach roads and main roads connected to the layout and all the possible connectivity roads to the layout?

16. Comprehensive development plan 

Every layout should be developed according to the Comprehensive Development Plan, to check everything in place it’s usually better to ask for the plan which goes through those developed layouts. 

17. Agreement procedure and time limit

Agreement procedure and time slot to register your plot that you agreed for, usually 60 is the normal limit, every company has their own time slots, ask them or check before signing an agreement.

18. Registration Process 

What are the registration charges, who will coordinate for the registration process and ask for any miscellaneous charges that you have to bear other than the 6.65 Registration fees?

19. Modes of payment 

What are the modes of payment available cash cheque Rtgs Neft Check accordingly for your convenience?

20. Hidden and maintenance charges.

Most of them wouldn’t charge anything for the plots. It’s better to cross-check whether they have any Maintenance charges, if so please check what are the charges and check the documents if they have been mentioned in any of the documents before you sign them.

If you have any objections, raise them on the spot, if you don’t pay and you want to resell in the future getting a NOC will be a problem.

21. Amenities provided 

List of the amenities provided in the layouts.

22. Technologies used for Laying out Roads, Rainwater drainage, sewage treatment plants.

Check for the technologies used for laying out roads and basic facilities helps you analyze the quality of the construction. 

23. Nala or Rjakaluve Passing nearby.

If there are any Nala or Rajakaluve passing nearby the layout ask for the Plan and what are the setback provided.

These are the major questions you should be asking before buying a plot from your builder or developer. In this article, I have covered most of them that I have faced till now.

If you have any other questions please let me know. I will be updating this article so that people can make better decisions in the buying process.

Helping them to own a better place for living and not giving a chance for post-purchase dissonance.

These questions will surely make you analyze the quality of the construction, to check whether they meet certain specifications according to authorities and help you analyze whether it’s the best option for you to invest or not.


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