You are currently viewing Apartments can save you minimum of 10 lakhs, here’s how # 3 will blow your mind

Apartments can save you minimum of 10 lakhs, here’s how # 3 will blow your mind

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Considering  the recent times the perspective of seeing the options available have changed drastically. 


Not only the recent times this article will prove why apartments are best compared to individual property among all times.


Apartment’s had different sets of customers serving different classes of their own. 


Work from home situations increased demand for recreational purposes are in the surge.


Tier 2 cities saw a gradual demand for apartments than individual properties.


In this article here you will find why apartments are better than individual property.


Safety is all that you need for your Elderly and Young.


Safety is the major concern here, a property that should be taken care of without your absence  where individual property needs more than what it demands from the apartments.


  • Apartments are constructed within the gated community.
  • All the round security personnel present.
  • Security camera and easy trackability of trespassing.
  • Secured spot for parking your vehicles.
  • Increased safety for your child within gated community premises. 


To have the same facilities at individual property comes at higher cost and maintenance.


Amenities are the new Unique selling powers.


Apartments without any amenities are hard to sell in recent days.


Basic amenities like Gym, swimming pool, kids play area are the must have amenities in recent days.


Apartments offer more nowadays to attract customers like 

  • Basketball court 
  • Walking paths 
  • Cycling pathways 
  • Theaters 
  • Club houses 
  • All kinds of indoor games 
  • Dedicated parks for elderly people 
  • Party lounges 
  • Coffeebar and library
  • Grocery stores and market


And the list goes on depending upon what prices they offer.


At pandemic times this has helped a lot to keep up phase with the normal life at gated communities.


Choosing a location for individual property comes at higher cost. Apartments can do it with half of the prices.


Apartments that are built most of the cases on the prime location of the cities or in the calmer areas. 


That brings higher value in the resale and high rent yielding property if you want to rent it out.


  • Easy accessibility to different parts of the city 
  • Less commute time. 
  • Price advantage compared to individual property 
  • Hospital and Shopping malls at less reachable kilometers.
  • Less commute for the kids to their schools


Individual homes can also benefit from all this, in addition to that, plot rates are higher and add up more cost. Apartments in prime locations can do both jobs at lower cost.


How to have shouting status without actually spending crores?  


Apartments add more value to your life, providing greater amenities, safety and the greater aesthetics created by the developer.


Make you feel every time you live in a rich and feasible surroundings.


It adds more to your social status to own a great apartment in the prime location with the greater aesthetics. 


Bankers are happy to lend you a loan.


Availability of loans for the property like an apartment is very easy compared to individual property.


Most of the apartments are pre approved the major banks are ready to lend you a loan in less time.


Individual property needs to be verified by the bank and requires high time in sanctioning the loans. 


In case of apartments, KYC and other simple steps to get an easy loan.


Enormous reports are backing up to say tier 2 cities are gaining higher demand in real estate space, like properties in Mysore are phasing at higher speed. 


People from Bangalore and other metropolitan cities moving to Mysore to have leisure amidst lockdown.


Less traffic, greater infrastructure and development, 10 lane roads, additional train facilities from Mysore to Bangalore making every possible commute easier than usual. 


If you are planning to invest, apartments are the best choice with the affordable cost.




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