How you can end up in trouble for not checking your sale deed thoroughly before registration.

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2 minutes of reading can save you from future uncertainties.
What is a sale deed?
Sale deed is a legal document used for property transactions as an evidence for sale and transfer of ownership of the property in favor of the buyer from the seller.
Mandatory things to check before printing out sale deeds.
Name and address of both parties
Check the name of both buyer and seller that goes exactly mentioned in the aadhar card, don’t allow yourself to make a single mistake here, check each letter along with the initials.
Aadhar and Pan card number
Aadhar and pan card should be mentioned in the sale deed of both the parties.
Mention your age according to government issued documents like aadhar card. Make sure it should mention your age as ABOUT 30 years- just an example. Regardless of any age you can mention.
Ward number of the property
Check out for the ward number that property is present in, tally with the documents to check whether it is mentioned.
Value of the property
Mention the value of the property that you buy exactly in words as well as in Numericals.
DD number/ Cheque number / RTGS UTR Number
Be careful at this step, mention exactly what is present in the bank issued DD Number.
If its a cheque mention the cheque number
If you transfer the money through RTGS please ask the bank to mention the UTR and Transaction Number on the slip and mention the same in the sale deed.
Missing a single number can lead to future consequences.
Survey number
Most important thing to mention is the survey number of the property present in.
Land conversion of the survey number and reference numbers that are present in the government documents.
Site number
Refer to the documents and site map issued by the concerned authorities that are signed by concerned authorities.
Katha number
Check the katha receipt that should go exactly with the property you purchase mention the ame in sale deed.
Pid number
Property identification number is a unique 15 digit number provided to the property that contains the combination of ward number, street number, for some properties it may vary.
Dimension of the property
Mention the property dimension some might choose to mention in meters, some choose to mention in Square feets.
If it’s mentioned in meters, make sure you multiply it with 3.28 and check that it is mentioned properly.
Schedule of the property
Schedule of the property means what are the other properties that are present at EAST WEST NORTH and SOUTH of your property.
Most probably it should look like this
EAST – Plot Number 7
WEST – Plot Number 5
NORTH – Plot Number 22
SOUTH – Road
Spaces for signature of both the parties and 2 witness spaces for signing.
Make sure there is enough space for both parties who are signing the documents with names clearly mentioned again.
And for the 2 witnesses who will sign the sale deed.
These points are mandatory and checked thoroughly before you take your print out of the final sale deed.
A single mistake can’t be bared at any cost, take time and go through each and every point carefully.
Above mentioned points can be easily checked before you sign the sale deed.
If you face any difficulty understanding other points that are written in legal language you should consult the advocate or any expert in this particular field.
Take time to read thoroughly and invest safely; a single mistake can make the sale deed void.
Mistake in sale deed can be corrected, after registration if you find any mistake you can apply for rectification of the sale deed.
Again it’s a lengthy process and a complete mess, rather than that make your own time to check sale deed.

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