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Things to check before you buy House from your seller

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There are specific builders in the market who build and sell houses for the customers, if you are someone who is about to purchase a built house or planning to buy one there are some definite questions that you should be asking.


In this article, you will find all the necessary questions that help you analyze the quality, durability, basic Vastu accordingly and to analyze the proper price helps you evaluate if it is worth buying for you according to your financial statuses.


Getting answers for all these questions will help you make your buying decision process simple, it includes general as well as technical questions.


This article includes only questions.


  1. Size of the Plot?


  1. facing of the plot?


  1. set back Provided depending upon the plot size


  1. How many square yards were constructed


  1. construction year of the building


  1. Is it pillar constructed or Normal constructed


  1. How many pillars are used for construction?


  1. What is the facing of the Main Door?


  1. What is the size of the Hall/ Living Room?


  1. What are the sizes of the Other rooms including the Master bedroom, Kids’ bedroom, and any other Rooms?


  1. What is the wood used for Main doors, other room doors, and windows?


  1. What is the size of the Water sump?


  1. What is the water capacity of an overhead tank?


  1. What are the measures taken to avoid excessive heat and waterproofing technologies used for the top floor?


  1. What is the facing of the pooja room if it exists?


  1. Which brand of vitrified tiles are used if it is vitrified?


  1. What is the thickness of the main walls and other intersecting walls?


  1. What is the built-up area and carpet area?


  1. What is the source of water supply?


  1. What kind of water motor is used and its power?


  1. Kitchen design and technology used


  1. What is the thickness of cement plastering?


  1. What is the cement used for Construction?


  1. What is the brand of Iron rods used for construction?


  1. What are the brands used for Outer painting and Inner wall paintings?


  1. What are the bathroom fittings brands used?


  1. What brand is used for Water pipes?


  1. Which brand of Switches and wires are used?


  1. Check out the space for the dishwasher and washing machines.


  1. Curing duration of the building 


  1. Completion report from the authorities 


  1. What is the height from the floor to ceiling?


  1. Check out the provision for car and bike parking 


Hope these questions will surely help you analyze the quality of the building and help you calculate how much you can pay or calculate is it worth buying paying a certain amount of money for the house.

Calculate the price depending upon the what is the standard market price for one Square yard and how much are willing to pay according to the material used and depending upon how well spaces are utilized.

Any other questions you want to add to help the fellow buyers do let me know in the comment section below.


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