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If you are someone who heard this buzz word Blogging and fancy things around it again and again and trying to find out complete details and if you want to start your blogging journey.

No matter where you stand right now as a Beginner or thinking to start one, this detailed article will move you towards achieving your goal a step further. 

After reading this article you will have clarity about 

  • Where to start?
  • How to start?
  • Do I require higher English Proficiency to write?
  • Who will read my blog?
  • How do I earn from my blog?
  • Do I need technical capabilities to handle the blog? 
  • Many more questions that probably pass your thought process before starting out your blogging journey like every other, including me as well back then.


Why did you choose to blog?

Content doesn’t mean to be only blogging, there are different formats of content like 


  • Audio 
  • Video 
  • Infographics
  • Written formats

Defining why you want to start blogging will help you gain clarity before starting, or else you might end up stuck in between, this awesome content creation process.

If you find clarity on why you want to start blogging let’s start with Creating your First blog post.


Essentials to start a blog. 

Before you start to write, decide where you want to write your blog post’s on. 

You can write on social media, on your WordPress blog, or on by google that is a free resource.

If you are ok with spending little money you can purchase a Domain name and host it on servers and start building your own website accordingly and post Blogs. 

That is safe, measure traffic, build an audience group there will be a little bit of space to play around with your writings. 

If it’s on the other free resources you have lesser things to play around and really can’t do much. 

Learn how to create your own blog here


 Main things to consider before choosing a niche.

You can select niche to blog considering several factors 


  1. Topic that you are expert in
  2. Topic that most fascinates you or passionate about
  3. Topic that no one addressed till now – finding a gap


Not only these three you can get several reasons to select a niche, select which fascinates you and where you believe you can add Value to the potential reader’s.

Niches like Parental, Lifestyle, Automobile, Health like many others have different sets of readers.

You will have too, identify the category on what topic you want to write.

After selecting a niche now you have to define your target audience.


Defining your audience makes things easier. 

If you write a blog, who will read it? 

So to make it clear it’s important that to whom are you writing for? Who are the people you want to help with your blog?

You have written a good article, created so much value, if no one reads, it’s of no use and at starting level you will be low with your self confidence.

It’s so vital that you write for the target audience, that they respond to your Writings, comment like share and drive value from your content.

It’s not only about response, it’s about making people read what you have written, if you are writing for the audience that no one is interested to read about your blog that’s of no use. 

Targeted audience means specialized segment of the people for the particular product and service. 

To make it still clear, every product and service can’t be sold to every customer available out there. 

If you are good until this point let’s start with how to write a blog post. 


How to write an engaging blog post that holds the reader until the end?

Writing a blog post for your audience doesn’t have to be complicated with Shakespearean english. 

Write in simple words that are easy to understand and read, read further to know the simplicity of blogging.


English proficiency and Grammar are important.

As i said there is no need for higher proficiency that doesn’t mean you can write broken english.

Write in a layman language that is so easy to understand and grasp the information that you have written.

Write in a manner you talk to your friend.

Observing the grammatical errors, too much of grammatical mistakes feels unprofessional and immature. 

Use tools like grammarly extension on chrome to avoid grammar mistakes on your blog.

Tip: if you are new to writing, don’t know where to start, draft a 500 word article on a daily basis that fascinates you. 

Don’t know what to write? Write down things that come to your mind randomly or write what you felt at work today or at home, any special or terrible moments. 

Just start writing…

How to impress readers at first glance?

Introduction is very vital to hold up your readers for a long time, make things clear in the introduction and tell your readers what they will get.

A boring introduction will make readers opt for another content that affects your SEO score and loses a potential reader.

No matter how good your blog post might be, if you miss out working on Introduction you tend to lose.

Tip: write different sets of introduction for the same article select that suits better and sounds interesting.


What should be the length of the article?

The minimum length of the article that experts suggest is 1200-1600 words Check here what industry expert have to say Neil Patel

That’s what  google prefers.

If you are starting out try at least drafting out a minimum of 1000 word articles.

If you are competing to bring your article to the top of search engines, learn how to do competitor analysis here. 

Tip: Lengthy articles are most likely to Rank better on search engines. 


Headings and subheadings to hold your readers for a long time.

Reading a page filled with so much text feel’s so clumsy. 

Headings don’t simply mean bold letters.

It allows readers to navigate easily through your blog post.

Subheadings can make readers hold upto long time on your blog.

Use emotions in your headings that make the reader continue.

Tip: use AM institute’s headline checker to check the percentage of emotion of your headings. 


What is white space in an article and how to use it?

White spaces are those that resemble a greater readability experience, that has space between text, images and Paragraphs.

Short sentences, not so lengthy paragraphs make blog posts more attractive, look clean and don’t stress readers’ eyes. 


A well researched topic will always stand out.

Research is the main point to consider, if you are writing a blog its 80% the research and 20% writing is all you do. 

A well researched article fascinates the reader to come back again and again for your articles.

Simple article without any facts, or with the wrong conceptual understanding makes the reader never turn back at your articles. 


How to research? 

  • Refer to a minimum of 10 articles when you type your niche on a search engine,read all of them.
  • Use google scholar to look for published papers for further information.
  • Use to get factual numbers on your niche.
  • Read books that are related to your niche.
  • Look out for current news and updates regarding your niche.


Make a note of all important points that you want your readers to read, fill a gap that are not covered in any of these articles.

If another article seems more difficult, break down and make it simpler for your readers.

You can get data from any other sources that make it unique and different from others.


How to draft a blog post before writing?

Before you start writing a blog, drafting helps you clear more confusion about what should be there in your article. 

You can eliminate unnecessary things.

Here is the example of how draft looks like 


How to write a blog post?

  • Introduction 
  • Formats of content 

Essentials to start a blog

  • Website 
  • Social media

Defining your audience 

  • Persona 
  • Targeted audience 

How to write engaging blog posts?

  • Introduction
  • Length of article 
  • Headings and subheadings 
  • What is white space 
  • How to research for article 
  • How to draft a blog post 
  • Voice, tone and person. 
  • Logical sentences 
  • Seo and backlinks 
  • Images 
  • How to come up with unique ideas for your blog 


  • Daily basis 

You can draft the article according to your needs so that you don’t miss out on any points.

Choose Voice Tone and Person for your article.

There is a difference between speaking voice and writing voice writing voice is how you use words to construct phrases so that readers identify. 

Tone is how you want to say it, that might be professional, serious or in a fun manner.

Person has 3 different categories, how do you want to write the article?

1st person – when we speak about ourselves,things that happen to us, we use I and WE 

Example : I encountered a big threat today 

                 We encountered a big threat today 

2 nd person – here we address the person YOU, incidents that belong to another person.

Example : you can wait for your turn

                 You should say hi to them.


3rd person – Giving the example of others while writing defines 3rd person writing.

Example: tom took a ride on a motorcycle 


Select the Person for your writing You can write as putting yourself in the context, you can use YOU this is most preferably used in writings.

You can use others’ examples to write using they, them, theirs.


Write logical sentences that make sense to the readers.

Write logical sentences that make sense to the readers, define what you want to convey as sequence flow that is easy to grasp. 

What is Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is optimizing your article so that it appears on search results when potential readers type keywords that are present on your blog article.

It is a very deep concept, you can learn by practicing with hands-on experience.


Check out more about SEO and competitor analysis here.


How to use images in your blog?

Images are more powerful while describing any particular sequence it eases the job of understanding.

Use images that are free from copyright and free from all licenses.

Use images where you feel those are important; it keeps the reader for the long term and makes them easy to understand.

Tip: Free source images you can get from, Pixabay, 


Use a table of contents to navigate easily.

Lengthy articles are difficult to navigate, some readers might be looking for particular information on your post.

To navigate easily among different topics on your blog use the table of contents plugin.


How to come up with unique ideas for your blog post.

Keep coming up with blog post ideas is almost difficult at a certain level.

You feel exhausted at some point, to avoid this here are some of the tips you can generate continuous content topics.


  • Visit
  • Google search suggestions, when you type your topic on the search engine bar you will get certain search suggestions.
  • At the bottom of the search result page
  • Frequently check out the comment section, checking out what readers say about articles.



Best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, and the next best time is now, no matter where you are right now in the content creation process.

Start writing right now, right or wrong don’t worry at the initial stages continuous practice will give you hands-on experience.

Write daily as much as possible 2-3 hours of dedication on your blog post will make you a thought leader in your niche.

Gives you a greater authority if you pitch any course or books you publish later. 

80% of the blogs will fail due to writers not showing enough interest to grow further, treat your blog as a serious business and keep working.

Make it at least 100 Blog posts, and see yourself succeed further.




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